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April 21, 2016 by Triptelia Team

Triptelia is an online directory aiming to enable a cluster between Homeowners and market Freelancers contributing to the Tourism Industry to join forces under a concept of intelligent travelling.

Certainly not! Our concept is clear:

– Homeowners and Property Managers are able to offer add-ons to travellers recommending a number of concierge services in a package scheme to gain visibility.

– Affiliated Freelancers integrate their services to the home listings attracting travellers’ attention.

– Travellers enjoy multiple options to select from, whether it is only about accommodation or adding extra services to their vacation plans.

Well… Do you celebrate an anniversary, or need a birthday surprise? Filter your search by the Event Planners to see their locations and range and get new travel ideas. Need a dental care or a physiotherapy treatment? Discover destinations offering a lot more than you already know! Would love to organise a five star day tour even if you are on a low budget? You may find yourselves overwhelmed! Do you have any special interests? You might go for bird watching with an ornithologist in a natural reserve you’ve never heard of, or for wine tasting with an expert oenologist to help you learn more on the field, or just take a course on the local language… The list can be endless. You name it!

Triptelia aims to provide travellers not only with the best places in town, but also with a broad network in order to offer experiences as unique and as memorable as possible! If this doesn’t feel like a big step forward already, Triptelia undertakes to market the concept successfully to broad audiences taking all the necessary promoting actions for you.

Therefore, Triptelia is responsible for the promotion and commercialisation of both the properties and freelance services through different communication channels and networks, with the most up to date information regarding: descriptions, images, amenities, availability, rates, offers and cancellation policies as supplied by Homeowners, Property Managers and Freelancers.

Yes! As a Homeowner and/or Property Manager you will be able to manage individually your listings having full access to the content and recommend as many Freelancers as you like.

As a Freelancer on the other hand you may integrate your webpages and/or advertise services in Triptelia, linked to one property or as many properties as it can be within our platform. The more Homeowners link their listings to your profile, the more visibility you gain in the Tourism section.

Searching for the perfect place to stay either for a city break, a dream holiday with family and friends or an adventure, Triptelia aims to offer a wide selection of accommodation and inter-connections qualified to create unforgettable experiences.

You can list your skills and qualities too! Whether you have been recommended by a Homeowner, or you just want to upload your services and offers, you are most welcome.

Travellers pay Homeowners, Property Managers and Affiliated Freelancers in the local currency or in the currency agreed between the two parties with different modes of payment for which the two parties agree including:

– wire transactions and money transfers directly to their bank accounts
– Paypal & credit/debit card whenever accepted
– cash

Triptelia will never intervene financially in any way to any agreement made between Homeowners, Property Managers, Affiliated Freelancers and the Travellers, nor undertakes any responsibility with regards to payments, and safety and security of any transaction.


Homeowners and Property Managers should understand how the laws work in their respective destinations, both cities and countries. Some cities have laws that restrict their ability to host paying Travellers for short periods. Such legislation is often part of a city’s zoning or administrative rules. In many destinations, Homeowners and Property Managers must register, get a permit, or obtain a license before listing a property or accepting Travellers. Certain types of short-term lease may be prohibited altogether. Local governments vary greatly in how they enforce these laws. Penalties may include fines or other enforcements. Homeowners and Property Managers should review local laws before listing a space in Triptelia.

Triptelia neither collects nor pays any taxes on behalf of Homeowners or Property Managers or Affiliated Freelancers. It is a responsibility of anyone with listed properties or services in Triptelia to collect and deposit taxes to the local authorities according to relevant policies applied by the law in each destination and case.


Triptelia charges both Homeowners and/or Property Managers and Affiliated Freelancers with a minimum registration fee per listing per year. With this fee Triptelia will be able to maintain services, invest on new features and marketing and grow with you.

There is no commission per booking and no additional fees are applied to Travellers who are free to bargain directly within our platform a price for accommodation less than the cost they find in online travel agencies and hotels.

Moreover, Travellers are free to negotiate separately a price for any service offered by Affiliated Freelancers within our network or book combo sets combining accommodation and services to get a discount when applicable.

Triptelia will never intervene financially in any way to any agreement made between Homeowners and/or Property Managers or Affiliated Freelancers and the Travellers, nor undertakes absolutely any responsibility with regards to payments, safety and security of all transactions.

Regarding Suppliers:

Our word is our bond. However, to build trust all parties including Homeowners and Property Managers and Affiliated Freelancers who register with Triptelia will be asked and must provide accreditation such as Proficiency License, Commerce License and VAT Number.

Moreover, and in particular, Homeowners and Property Managers using Triptelia guarantee that:

– they have full managing rights of the properties which they register and of any other property will be registered by them in the future with this website,

– that their properties are fully habitable, and that they correspond to the minimum size dimensions and every other facility required by the relevant legislation in their location,

– and also that they have the required legal permits to rent short term.

Both Homeowners and Property Managers have sole responsibility for the updating and verification of the property information. They are obliged to carry out all modifications to the information about their properties, and in the event of being unable to do so in person, must communicate the required modifications via email to Triptelia. Consequently, it is the responsibility of Homeowners and Property Managers to maintain rates and availability updated on their calendar at all times.

Regarding Travellers:

To ensure furthermore our validity in favour of Travellers, Homeowners and Property Managers using Triptelia must provide upon registration details of the same listing at least in three different official online travel agencies (OTA) with at least one Traveller’s review in each of them, otherwise Triptelia reserves the right to consider the listing as a non valid one and, therefore, reject it.

Triptelia does not validate Travellers in any ways and, therefore, Homeowners and Property Managers undertake full responsibility to check identification and travel documents of people they let check in.

Triptelia does not offer any Liability Insurance absolutely and/or any Damage Guarantee nor undertakes any responsibility for any accidents, injuries, illness or death that occurs while on the premises and facilities and/or services listed on our website to any of the parties that have come to an agreement through this platform. Triptelia also does not undertake any responsibility absolutely for the loss of any personal belongings or valuables nor for any financial losses and/or frauds resulting from any actual or attempted transaction between Homeowners and/or Property Managers and/or Affiliated Professionals and Travellers being tenants in a short or long term lease.

Both Homeowners and Property Managers are responsible for ensuring that their properties comply with all applicable regulations established by the corresponding state and regional government as well as the European Union and Triptelia is expressly exempt of absolutely every responsibility in this regard.

Both Homeowners and Property Managers are responsible for keeping updated information about their listings and all of the furniture, equipment, facilities and services which they were stated when published and about the condition of the outdoors surroundings, property access and property entrance. All of the aforementioned items must be in perfect and working condition and each property fully accessible with safety signs when nessecery.

If a client finds the accommodation in a deficient condition with regards to either hygiene, faulty equipment, facilities or services to those described in the accommodation information page of Triptelia, and decides not to remain at the property, Triptelia strongly advice communicating such circumstances to the local authorities such as local Tourist Police, or Tourist Board etc. within a period of maximum 24 hours and claim a full refund of the rental, including deposit that Travellers may have paid. In such a case, Triptelia has absolutely no obligation to provide Travellers with any accommodation alternatives or any compensation is any way.

If any fault or damage occurs during a stay of the client, which makes the use of the property impossible or uncomfortable, or any fault or damage to the furniture, equipment, facilities or services, or any cuts in the supply of utilities, both Homeowners and Property Managers are fully responsible for resolving successfully the matter. In the event of Homeowners or Property Managers inefficient solution, Triptelia has absolutely no obligation to provide Travellers with any accommodation alternatives or any compensation is any way.

In addition, all public liability with the Traveller in relation to the usage of the properties falls upon Homeowners and Property Managers. For this reason, Homeowners and Property Managers are strongly advised to have a valid public liability insurance.

Travellers are strongly advised to get in touch with the contact person of the property more than once and at least seven (7) days before the arrival date to agree on the precedure and time of check-in, as well as on the signing of a rental contract, if required, and remaining payment intallments.

In the event of a Traveller deciding to cancel their reservation, Triptelia by no means is required to satisfy any type of compensation to Homeowners and Property Managers. Both Homeowners and Property Managers are obliged to set and state clearly their cancellation policies to inform Travellers accordingly and by which they must resolve any matter of disaggreement, without expecting Tritpetlia to intervene in any case in favour of one of the parties.

In the event of a bookout due to overbooking, Triptelia by no means is required to satisfy any type of compensation to the Traveller nor applys any forms of penalties to Homeowners and Property Managers if alternative accommodation is not found.

In addition, Triptelia by no means is required to satisfy any type of compensation to the Traveller in case of any service has been reserved through this platform and has been partially or fully prepaid in advance, but eventually was undelivered or not successfully delivered according to the opinion and judgement of the Traveller by any of the Affiliated Freelancers registered with this platform.

There is a flat fee of 100€ per year per service.

Everyone who is attracted by the Triptelia concept and accepts our certain policies fully and completely.
Yes! Travellers are free to chose their preferred accommodation and add-ons with absolutely no service fees or charges applied by Triptelia. You ask for low prices, we deliver!
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